It may be of interest to see who Mr. Bush wants to run reconstruction in Iraq:

Appointing a close friend of Israel, and more particularly with ties to the conservative think tank JINSA, may not be a very smart move if you don't want this to look like - an occupation.

( JINSA = The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs -  )

Pro-Israel General Will Oversee Reconstruction of Postwar Iraq
MARCH 21, 2003

To the Victor Go the Spoils?

Disillusion, Anger on Arab Street (several links to the same article).

White House Press Conference March 4, 2003 (Full Transcript)
"General Jay Garner is going to be the one heading the civilian administration. Now, General Garner, with an impressive military career nevertheless, is one of about a couple dozen generals who are closely associated with JINSA and have worked very closely with the Israeli military, among other things, I believe on the Arrow missile program. Is it really appropriate, with these kind of credentials, to place him as the face of American democracy in Iraq?"
MR. FLEISCHER: As I indicated, the President has made no appointments about a "civilian head of Iraq."

However, a week later dep.sec. of Defence Paul Wolfowitz confirms this:

Wolfowitz Interview with Newsweek, Wednesday, 19 March 2003, 10:19 am
Press Release: US Department of Defence

"Jay Garner who is going to be heading the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance was Shali's Deputy Commander in Northern Iraq 12 years ago."

General Jay Garner was one of the signatories in support of the Israeli policy against the Palestinians in this public letter,
October 12, 2000 :

JINSA Flag & General Officers Statement on Palestinian Violence

"We, the undersigned, believe that during the current upheavals in Israel,
the Israel Defense Forces have exercised remarkable restraint in the face
of lethal violence orchestrated by the leadership of a Palestinian
Authority that deliberately pushes civilians and young people to the front

"We have travelled to Israel over the years with The Jewish Institute for
National Security Affairs.