A letter from Wendell Solomons, Sri Lanka, on the true commercial purpose of the war: 


Killing the Euro - Afghanistan Slash-and-Burn hides attack on EUROPE

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Hello WorldCity!

You recollect that --

     1. TV served up Osama bin Laden as scapegoat on
     September 11th. Within some 90 minutes, Ehud Barak
     (at BBC studios) and Richard Holbrooke (at CNN studios)
     signed, sealed and delivered this name. Did the two
     use their cell phones to coordinate this?

Are there laws on libel?

Then came all those ships, planes, missiles. At immense
cost, a next agenda came up.

     2. TV now served up the Taleban as the real target.
     U.S. command officer interviews spoke of this agenda.

Yet, the true commercial purpose is hidden by the attacks.

Europe is energy sparing. In natural consequence of this
competitiveness, the new Euro went up from $ 0.61 two years
ago to $ 0.91 in the middle of this year ...

Obviously, the more oil prices rise -- the more uncompetitive
U.S. exports become because they are more highly geared to
energy (at workplace and in the home.)

The true logic of the attack on Afghanistan is to keep the
Euro from replacing the Wall Street private cartel's privately
issued U.S. dollar as world default currency. Wall Street wants
to keep on credit card run.

The EU as such is not supposed to use its historic opportunity
to consolidate, to coordinate policies and thus avoid being
a launch pad for war between nation states which only benefited
war-loan purveyors on both sides.

The EU unites more than 400 mln people and today represents
a pool of skills that competes with that of 270 mln people
of the USA.

Since a large proportion of software engineering has migrated
from Silicon Valley to Bangalore, India, even in software Wall
Street no longer has a strategic skills asset. Hardware migrated
long ago to India, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and
Singapore. If not CDRom engine, check any mouse.

When you read Senate speeches you see the claim that the
U.S. economy is drowning in a sea of red ink. The trade
deficit in which the US sinks has evolved because of
competition from the EU and the above countries.

After the fall of the USSR, as much as the Taleban have
become redundant to Wall Street, so is the uniting force in
the EU. However, the EU cannot be hit by one more 'money
broker' attack as in the case of Asian economies. Once -
accident, twice - happenstance, thrice - enemy action.

Wall Street has chosen a long haul attack here and must
first muster oil assets in the Middle East so as to make
exports more competitive (by keeping a hold on oil and its
price.) It cannot afford to see a repeat of the takeover of
oil in Iran (after the fall of the Shah) and in Iraq (after
the fall of Prince Faisal.)

(a) Saudi royal year 1935 fundamentalism (restoring of
Sharia law, e.g. ban on women drivers) is supposed to prevail
for Wall Street over an ethical challenge from Taleban
fundamentalism. Not every educated Saudi is now prepared
to see Arabs shot by the Israeli state as if they are slaves
in a 19th Century sugar plantation. If the Saudi royal family
falls to republicanism, that would immediately isolate and
undermine the royals of the pocket emirates and other Gulf

(b) The Yeltsin family's insurance company, represented by
Mr. Putin, has agreed for backup energy reserves to be fed
to Indian Ocean terminals. The oil and gas pipelines from
Kazakhstan (resources really extend to Siberia), need to
cross the territory of Afghanistan where the Taleban wants
to forget its inceptors (Carter/Brzezinsky.)

The attack on Afghanistan figures as a DIGGING-IN with
energy supplies for Wall Street's dollar to better
accomplish the long term haul battle of splitting the EU.

Thus a pliable regime was required in Yugoslavia for
pipelines to the Mediterranean. This explains why
Taleban-trained provocateurs served to cause cross-fire
and the Clinton/Albright/Holbrooke Slash-and-Burn there.

George Soros ceased his campaign on the 'fiscal' frailties
of the Euro ("the dollar is the only girl on the beach") in
mid-March 1999, no sooner Madeline Albright confirmed that
missiles would be hitting Yugoslavia. He has been silent
since then on the Euro.

As 'fiscal' frailties are resolved, the Central Bank issued
Euro would replace the private cartel issued US dollar.
However, for George Soros, silence in the matter is golden;
in his calculation economic migrants from Yugoslavia would
flood the EU and serve as a wick to ignite in the fullness
of time, ultra nationalist parties whose free-for-all would
break down the EU.

In contrast to George Soros, the statesman in Mikhail
Gorbachev made him ask whether the purpose of the attacks
was to "Europeanise the Balkans or Balkanise Europe."

While TV provides us with pictures of might -- the story
behind Slash and Burn in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia tell us
that the ultimate fear of the money magnates is exposure.
After soiling the nest in Wall Street, they would have no
Western frontier left on our planet. The Peace Rallies will
see to that if the Anarchist Block remains unactivated as
in the case of their missed opportunity during the
September 29th-39th rallies in D.C.

U.S. International Trade: Data and Forecasts: http://cnie.org/NLE/CRSreports/Economics/econ-40.cfm

Overall U.S. trade deficits reflect a shortage of savings in the domestic
economy and a reliance on capital imports to finance that shortfall. They
are a concern for Congress for several reasons. Financial, budgetary and
other policies may affect the size of the trade deficit, while trade and
capital flows affect the exchange value of the U.S. dollar. A large overall
trade deficit may also indicate that certain U.S. industries are having
difficulty competing with imports at home and in markets abroad. This may
generate trade friction and pressures for the government to do more to open
foreign markets, shield U.S. producers from foreign competition, or assist
U.S. industries to become more competitive. ...

Vatican has confirmed that the euro will be its official unit of currency

Vatican City (CWNews.com) September 7, 2001 -- The Vatican has confirmed
that the euro will be its official unit of currency, as of January 1, 2002.
The official announcement adopting the euro was published in Acta
Apostolicae Sedis, the official publication of Vatican actions, on September
6. . . To date there has been no announcement from the Vatican as to whose
image would appear on the coins. Probably the Pope's. 

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